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Our business sectors

Ilex Embedded Systems has a multi-sector offering. Our engineers can intervene in different sectors of the embedded software lifecycle. We have considerable expertise in the medical sector, but other sectors can also benefit from our extensive knowledge of safety-critical software and regulated environments.

Examples of sectors

  • Medical
  • Multimedia and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Telecommunications
  • Industry
  • Autonomous driving
  • Rail transport

Find project realizations below.

Dental prophylaxis device

Dental prophylaxis device

  • Complete software V-cycle: definition, architecture, detailed design, implementation and production launch. Including IEC62304-compliant documentation.
  • Creation of production/SAV tools

Active brain implant

  • Protocol communication framework test software
  • Production testing (wireless)

Intelligent infusion pump

  • Bug fixing and feature implementation
  • test: static, integration, system and V&V

Implementation of an active heart implant

  • Software implementation test
  • Electronic testing
  • Implementation of wireless protocol in production code

Electronic breast pump with application

  • IEC62 304-compliant documentation: SRS, architecture and detailed design
  • Implementation of drivers : LED, touch sensors
  • Secure communication with Thingsboard cloud
  • Production tool scripts

Patient monitoring device

  • Implementation of QNX Baseport
  • QNX bootloader implementation
  • Application implementation
  • The documentation of the above elements complies with IEC62 304.



  • Setup box software development
  • DVD sub-picture library development
  • Bluetooth app connection


project examples:

  • Integration of the cell phone software stack
  • Development of Layer-1 of the cell phone software stack

Autonomous driving

  • Development and integration of motion control software for autonomous driving.

Rail transport

  • Independent review and implementation of code enhancements for a railroad control and protection relay